Mantis World: organic cotton

Mantis World reaches its pledge to transition from conventional to organic cotton two years early. Photo: Mantis World

Mantis World have been increasing the use of organic cotton year on year. In 2017 they committed to switching to more sustainable fibres by 2021 and are now delighted to confirm that they have achieved that goal two years ahead of time.

All the cotton used in the production of every one of their garments has been sustainable and organic since 2019. However, disposing of the remaining non-organic stock wouldn’t be very sustainable, so it will take some time for the stock to be fully replaced. When ordering, please refer to the catalogue to see the composition.

Recycled polyester

The company is also one of the first to introduce recycled polyester to their fleece collections and almost all of their polyester is now recycled.

Mantis World believe in using organic cotton because organic farming can help reverse climate change by locking carbon in the soil. It also avoids fertilisers and pesticides heavily reliant on fossil fuels that are used in conventional agriculture which reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions and protects environment and wildlife. This also means the people growing organic cotton can avoid the toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton agriculture.

All Mantis World garments are now Peta Approved as Vegan and the company has recently joined the Fair Wear Foundation. The company continue to only work with trusted supply chains, whom they have built long-term relationships with, ensuring that they don’t only rely on certificates and third-party audits. Farmers and workers are working in safe working conditions and have the means to invest in their families’ futures.

Mantis World manufactures high quality, ‘blank’ apparel that is designed with decoration and personalisation in mind. Whether it be for a printer, a brand, a company uniform or band merch, they have the range for everyone to find the perfect base for their ideas.