With the new campaign ‘Lifetime Partner’ starring the protagonists Max and Anna, Daiber presents their new corporate image. Photo: Gustav Daiber GmbH.

Gustav Daiber GmbH has spent several months revamping its corporate identity. The visible result is not only new colours and typography: the corporate fashion manufacturer behind James & Nicholson now consciously steps into the foreground. Daiber expresses its sharpened strategy with the new campaign “Lifetime Partner”.

On the website you can see now the visual result of Daiber’s brand overhaul. In addition to the subtly adapted logo, the corporate design also shines in fresh corporate colours. Especially the current advertisements of the campaigns “Daiber makes it” and “Lifetime Partner” speak a different language than before: the corporate fashion manufacturer from the Swabian Alb draws attention to the name Daiber.

“Our customers and business partners come first for us. This is what the name Daiber has stood for in essence for more than 100 years,” says Managing Director Kai Gminder, who is the fourth Daiber family generation and runs the company together with Christof Kunze. “In order for us to cultivate long-standing, appreciative and personal partnerships, our customers need to know and appreciate more than just our fashion, but also the name Daiber and the values it stands for.”

Daiber, a real lifetime partner

In the advertisements of the new “Lifetime Partner” campaign, Daiber expresses their own understanding of long-term partnership: they show several people, Max and Anna, for example, on their journey through life. From education to retirement, Max and Anna are dressed in optimally fitting clothes for the occasion.

“We connect brands with people,” says Managing Director Christof Kunze, explaining the business model of white label fashion from Daiber. “Our long-lasting corporate fashion accompanies these people throughout their lives, just as we at Daiber accompany our partners in trade and industry for many years. This also applies to our employees, to whom we offer
a secure job with excellent social benefits as a major employer in the Alb region.”

The corporate fashion manufacturer behind James & Nicholson offers complete outfits for everyone thanks to a wide range of colours and coordinated collection design, a variety of sizes from XS to 4XL and, above all, high stock availability. Articles can be reordered and decorated many years after their appearance in the main catalogue.