• From spring colours to winter essentials

    The two own brands of Gustav Daiber GmbH, James & Nicholson and myrtle beach, give an outlook on their new products for the coming year 2024. The range includes functional corporate fashion, warm workwear, crossover styles and even more colour combinations. Read More →

  • Stronger focus on textiles at PSI

    PSI trade show for the promotional products industry is strengthening its position in the textile segment at the upcoming PSI from 9 to 11 January 2024. With more top textile companies among the PSI exhibitors, with more dedicated lectures on merchandise and promotional textiles at the PSI Forum and with specialised forums such as the Textile Village. Read More →

  • New developments at RESULT Clothing

    RESULT Clothing continues to reducing prices for its key styles in September. The company also offers now a new A5 mini brochure in three languages including its fleece and softshell ranges. Read More →

  • Kornit wins Pinnacle Product Award for “Best Technology”

    The industry experts at Printing United Alliance have awarded the Pinnacle Product Award for “Best Technology” to the Kornit Atlas Max Poly solution. This highly respected industry award singles out those technologies predicted to have a significant impact on the world of digital textiles, now and in the future. Read More →

  • Daiber makes it

    Gustav Daiber GmbH presents its core competencies with confidence in their recent ‘Daiber makes it’ campaign. The campaign describes what and who is behind the products of retail brands such as James & Nicholson by Daiber and conveys the brand essence of the company targeting international markets. Read More →

  • Continued price reduction campaign by RESULT

    Economies of scale expansion and investments in new production methods at the RESULT Clothing offshore factories has enabled the company to continue reducing prices, via its distributors, across many of its styles in September. Read More →