Supplemented by new subject areas, further products and in a revised design, the industry flyers contain recommendations for suitable corporate fashion of Daiber’s own brands James & Nichoslon and myrtle beach for different areas of application. Photo: Gustav Daiber GmbH.

As a full-service platform, Daiber now offers an even larger selection of industry flyers to their retailers. With additional editable newsletter templates, Daiber provides all-round support to their retailers regarding a target group oriented customer approach.

New flyers

Gustav Daiber GmbH expands the service started in 2022 to support their retailers and provides them with two new industry flyers: “Festivals, Events & Graduation” and “Leisure, Club & Hobby”. Each industry flyer is customised for one area of application and contains approximately 20 product recommendations of Daiber’s own brands James & Nicholson and myrtle beach specific to an industry sector.

Moreover, Daiber is updating the existing industry flyers “Logistics & Delivery”, “Food & Beverages”, “Medical”, “Cities & Communities”, “Workwear” and “Education” visually and in terms of content. “By revising and extending our industry flyers, we respond to the high demand for sales-supporting services of our retailers. The industry flyers enable them to specifically address their own customers based in different industry sectors and support them in selecting products for specific areas of application”, explains Bernd Seeger, Sales Manager at Gustav Daiber GmbH. Apart from that, Daiber’s clients cannot only serve existing customers, but also target new customer groups. Buyers, in turn, benefit from an overview of the products relevant to their area of work.

New subject areas, a new design and even more product recommendations

With the expanded range of industry flyers, Daiber offers an even larger overview of suitable clothing from brands such as James &  Nicholson for the lifestyle and promotion sectors, from T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets to caps and hats. The new industry flyer “Festivals, Events & Graduation” is now available to retailers both in a German print version and in German and English for download on the website. The product recommendations for the second new subject area “Leisure, Club & Hobby” will be available from mid-April.

In line with Daiber’s new visual brand identity, the existing industry flyers will gradually appear in a new style. Starting with the industry flyer “Medical”, which was updated at the end of last year. This is followed by the industry sectors ”Logistics & Delivery” and “Food & Beverages”. In addition to the new layout and a clearer presentation, these are also supplemented by a few new products from current collections. These include, for example, the Padded Hybrid Jacket (JN1865) in the logistics sector and the one-size bistro aprons Apron Short (JN1880) and Apron Long (JN1881) in the catering sector. Now, both industry flyers are also available in printed version and online for retailers.

Full-service package for retailers

Clear, practical, in print and digital: the industry flyers offer the most important information at a glance. The flyers not only present industry-specific product recommendations, but also the advantages of the respective product lines and the decoration options. The industry flyers belong to a range of such services offered by Daiber to facilitate their client’s businesses: editable newsletter templates, which can be downloaded via the dashboard after registering on the website, are another example for those.

With just a few clicks, retailers can insert their logo, their address and their prices into the template and easily send the finalised newsletter to their customers. The sales-supporting service package is rounded off by the Daiber Media Cloud. Registered retailers can download professional image material for all corporate fashion products of Daiber’s own brands free of charge.