The new Workwear catalogue made from 100 per cent recycled paper of James & Nicholson by Daiber. Photo Gustav Daiber GmbH.

The new Workwear catalogue of Gustav Daiber GmbH presents, in addition to the existing work wear, plenty of new products from the current work wear collection of their own brand James & Nicholson. Included are lots of colours, modern cuts and stylish crossover products. Moreover, the catalogue is characterised by the use of recycled paper and, thanks to its environmentally friendly production, it has been certified several times.

Including 232 pages full of expressive work wear for a professional appearance as well as practical crossover styles, the updated Workwear catalogue of James & Nicholson by Daiber is available as of September. In addition to the existing articles, the catalogue has been expanded by the work wear novelties of this year’s collection as well as several additional colours, which will be available from 2024.


Among the highlights of the catalogue is the new Signal-Workwear Jacket (JN1854) in eye-catching neon-orange with reflective elements. The durable 4-way stretch fabric for an optimum wearing comfort is both wind- and water-repellent. The same applies to the softshell version of the Signal-Workwear Jacket (JN1856), which is particularly suitable for colder temperatures.

The new matching Workwear Pants Light Slim-Line (JN1858) made of light, durable mixed fabrics, which, thanks to its classic colour palette, is also ideal to combine after work. Slit and tool pockets make sure that you always have important work utensils at hand. Everything is also kept in place by the sewn-on pocket of the new corporate fashion highlights for the catering trade Apron with Bib (JN1882), a bib apron with a continuously adjustable neck tape. Moreover, this product is available in a short and a long version (JN1880/JN1881) and impresses with a huge variety of colours ranging from dark-green to wine.

An outlook for next year also promises new colours: as of 2024, the Signal- Workwear Jacket (JN1854) will be available in the colourway neon-yellow/black.
The Knitted Workwear Fleece Jacket  Strong  (JN861/JN862) will be available unicoloured in black and navy. Like the Men’s Knitted Workwear Fleece Half Zip  Strong  (JN864), which can be ordered in plain navy from next year. Last, but not least, there is the 6 Panel Sandwich Cap (MB024), which will be supplemented by the colour black/yellow.

Sustainability on and in paper

Gustav Daiber GmbH will stay true to their principles of being sustainable in all company divisions: “From using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton to the
production of our catalogues, we holistically advocate for more sustainability”, emphasises managing director Kai Gminder. “As we did with this year’s main catalogue, we only used recycled paper for our Workwear catalogue and we received the respective certifications.” Thanks to an environmentally friendly
production, the updated Workwear catalogue has three kinds of certification: the FSC Recycled label, the Blue Angel and the EU Ecolabel. This guarantees that the catalogue consists of 100 per cent waste paper, which saves up to 70 per cent of water and 60 per cent of energy during the production process compared to fresh fibre paper. The governmental eco-label Blue Angel guarantees that no harmful chemicals or optical brighteners have been added to the paper. The EU Ecolabel shows the lower environmental impact of the catalogue compared to similar print products.

Moreover, Daiber counts on regional, long-standing partners such as the printing company Sautter, who produced the new Workwear catalogue. The company works without chemicals and, due to special printing plates, they save up to 130,000 litres of water per year. Additionally, by using modern printing machines, waste is minimised, which contributes to an entirely environmentally friendly production.