Daiber makes it

Gustav Daiber GmbH presents its core competencies with confidence in their recent ‘Daiber makes it’ campaign. The campaign describes what and who is behind the products of retail brands such as James & Nicholson by Daiber and conveys the brand essence of the company targeting international markets. Within its recent campaign, Daiber highlights the corporate fashion manufacturer’s strengths.

‘Daiber makes it’ stands for the can-do mentality and forward-looking perspective that have driven the company and its story for the past 111 years. Photo: Gustav Daiber GmbH.

Claims like ‘Daiber makes it everlasting’ and ‘Daiber makes it connective’ convey a sense of the company’s core competencies.

Kai Gminder, Managing Director at Daiber in fourth generation, provides information on the background of ‘Daiber makes it’: “With our campaign, we are once again making ourselves and our business partners aware: our partners and customers come first. Through our needs-oriented services, we support them in their daily business, whereas our corporate fashion helps them to express their identity. That’s the purpose of our work and that’s what the name Daiber has always stood for at its core.”

Attention to textural detail

The campaign motifs show different fabric textures, for example of polo shirts or functional jackets by the retail brand James & Nicholson by Daiber. Accompanying copy explains the added value of the products and services or the advantages of a partnership. The motifs thus portray topics such as reliability, expert knowledge, corporate fashion, individualisation and the unifying effect of Daiber products.

Marcel Helbig, Head of Marketing at Daiber, comments on the contents of the campaign: “There is no need for Daiber to hide as a company. With ‘Daiber makes it’, we are now consciously stepping forward as the enterprise behind our corporate fashion products. Therefore, we are adding the words ‘by Daiber’ to the James & Nicholson brand.”

More information about the James & Nicholson sustainable products by Daiber can be found here.