Industry news

L-shop-team offers customers the opportunity to test all masks in a 11-piece mask set at a special price of € 24.90.“We have the masks. You have the choice!“ with this motto L-shop-team has been offering a variety of different reusable mouth-nose masks since May.

“We have the masks. You have the choice!“  Photo: L-Shop-Team.

Each mask convinces by different characteristics: There are masks to tie, masks with elastic bands to clamp, models in pleats, models with extended nose and chin and many more. In addition, all mouth-nose masks have different material properties and care instructions. As hygiene products the masks are excluded from return. This is one of the reasons why L-shop-team would like to support customers in their choice of products.

Overview of the different masks

To make the choice of the right mask easier, the wholesaler has put together a set for its customers. The set presents the current variety of mouth-nose masks and consists of eleven masks available in the assortment. With this set, customers of L-Shop-team can get an overview of the different masks, test special features and thus make the right decision for every order and for every purpose.

All of the mouth-nose masks stocked by L-shop-team are suited for finishing and are used for private use as protection against breath droplets and saliva that are retained by the masks when breathing, coughing or sneezing. The masks are not a tested and certified medical device and are not intended as protective equipment (PPE) against infections and harmful substances.