Industry news

M&R have partnered with Action Engineering to offer Face Mask Pallets that are compatible with M&R screen printing presses. They also created a brand-new Distancing Shield that can help to keep your employees safe while working in your shop.

Face mask pallets

Universal Face Mask Pallet. Photo: M&R.

The new face mask pallet designs have minimized manufacturing and assembly times. They have been fit-tested for several types of masks that are currently being manufactured.

The Dual Face Mask Pallet and Single Form Fitted face mask pallets are made for use with form-fitting masks, both with and without chin seams. Both of the form fit pallets include interchangeable plates for printing. The Universal Face Mask pallet can be used to print a small logo or image on both flat and form-fitted masks.

Distancing Shield

With the close-quarters nature of working in a print shop with a lot of workers, new measures should be observed in order to keep all employees at your company healthy and safe. It is with this in mind that M&R has created the Distancing shield.