Particularly simple face masks are in greater demand than ever, as they offer effective containment of the aerosol cloud when speaking, sneezing, etc. and can thus help protect against COVID-19.

With embroidery almost any decoration can be implemented on the masks. Photo: Madeira Garnfabrik

Madeira Garnfabrik offers a free embroidery file for face masks for download on its website.This makes it easy to manufacture masks for personal and non-medical use on domestic or industrial embroidery machines.

Individual face masks as fashion accessories

In addition to their protective properties, face masks are now increasingly being used as a fashion accessory. Whether funny motifs, sequins or simple decorative seams, with embroidery almost any decoration can be implemented on the masks. For this purpose, the company has implemented some motif suggestions and published images on its website where you can read all the steps.

Step by step to an embroidered face mask

The finished Madeira masks measure 240 x 140 mm and are washable at 60 °C (or 40 °C if necessary, with the addition of a disinfectant). The care and washing instructions for both backings and fabrics should be taken into account.

A melt-blown cut-away backing with a mesh-like structure was used for the designs. Thanks to their filtering effect, these backings can also be used for medical purposes.

The masks do not protect against infection with the coronavirus. If you want to use these designs for medical or certified masks, you should discuss the material requirements with the respective customer.