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New event: EcoPrint

A new print industry event dedicated to sustainable print production in retail, interiors, POP and packaging is coming:  ‘EcoPrint™ Europe Live 2012’. Organised by FM Brooks, and headed up by Frazer Chesterman and Marcus Timson.

The first EcoPrint Europe will be held in Berlin on 26th and 27th September 2012.  EcoPrint’s aim is to draw together a community of leaders, innovators and early adopters who see the true value of sustainable print production, moving the industry forward by enabling print service providers to improve the performance, profit and sustainable future of their businesses.

Earlier this year Chesterman and Timson left the Fespa organization (read news article on this subject), they are now Directors at FM Brooks.

Frazer Chesterman (left) and Marcus Timson, co-directors at FM Brooks.

Chesterman: “Most importantly, EcoPrint is an event that focuses on good, sustainable business. We believe that true sustainability is a result of the focus on efficiency, the reduction of waste, implementation of effective process management and a committed, dynamic sales and marketing campaign. Our research suggests that increased profit and competitive advantage can result from a strategic investment in improving your business’s sustainable practices.”

Chesterman says the content and focus of EcoPrint Live 2012 will not only be different from any other event in the print industry’s event calendar, it will also provide attendees with a defined and practical guide to implementing and enhancing profitability through a sustainable approach to print business.

Timson explains: “We see that the retail, point of purchase and packaging sectors are leading the change because this is where the consumer comes into direct contact with a product before any purchase is made.  Many brands are in the process of aligning their supply chains to meet their carbon neutral pledges in time for 2015 and 2020 and will expect their suppliers to fall into step.”