Kornit Digital at Texprocess 2024

Kornit Digital LTD announced the company is setting the stage for an unprecedented display of its vibrant digital fabric and integrated workflow portfolio in Hall 8, Stand A32 at Texprocess 2024 from April 23-26 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Kornit Max single step solution sets new benchmarks in both textile design and manufacturing across fabrics, home décor, and more. Photo: Kornit Digital

Here you can experience the unmatched power of digital textiles, enabling companies to grow both dynamically and sustainably, respond to ever changing customer demands and embrace the newly digital supply chain.

You will receive a view into the end-to-end, fabric manufacturing ecosystem, allowing for production of any fabric and any design for any purpose.


The centerpiece is Kornit Presto MAX with the ability to print on any fabric type, from cotton and polyester to denim and leather. This single step solution sets new benchmarks in both textile design and manufacturing across fabrics, home décor, and more.

Built on the promise of sustainability, Presto MAX is proven to dramatically reduce both water usage and waste, ensuring businesses can thrive in an eco-conscious marketplace. The system is offering to print white ink on colored fabrics alongside neon to extend the color gamut by as much as 30 percent. Kornit’s new Vivido inks now additionally offers dark black pigments.

Additionally featured is the KornitX Global Fulfillment Network, designed to optimize operational efficiency, eliminate supply chain bottlenecks, and ensure products are readily available to meet customer demands. The solution connects brands, retailers, and digital platforms to a high-quality production network, providing rapid replenishment and trend adaptability for direct-to-fabric production.

Pixel-to-parcel monitoring and control fully integrates the end-to-end production workflow for a seamless experience. The solution based on Kornit’s MAX technology empowers brands to break free from traditional constraints and unlock their true potential. It enables them to maximize margins, boost profitability, and pave the way for a sustainable future in the digital on-demand fashion and textile industry.

Beyond technology demonstrations, Kornit will additionally highlight how MAX technology serves as a vibrant partner platform to drive possibilities across the entire fabric printing and processing chain.

Key partners

Key partners highlighted include:

• Colortex: Providing fashionable, custom textiles for the footwear industry.
• ZwissTex: Offering quality, sustainable textile solutions for the automotive and clothing
• Print Logistic: Delivering a full range of services – from printing to worldwide dropshipping
for smooth e-commerce integration.
• CGS: Driving global performance through business applications, enterprise learning and
outsourcing services.
• FastSwen: Leveraging Moving Cavity Technology (MCT) to transform textile handling and
production efficiency.
• Premier Digital Textiles: Serving as the prime supplier of textiles with extensive
warehousing across the US and UK.
• Greentex: Providing highly sustainable, innovative, and customizable fabrics for
advanced textile printing.

Welcome and information

Witness the future of digital production at Kornit’s stand in Hall 8, Stand A32.

You can buy your tickets at the ticket shop. Prepare your show visit well with our Texprocess/Techtextil show preview and our new Online Magazine Texprocess/Techtextil, easily accessible on any online device.