Polyprint expands product portfolio

Polyprint expanded its product portfolio by entering the field of Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing systems with the launch of Filmjet at the recent FESPA 2024 Global Print Expo in Amsterdam.

Filmjet complete DTF printing system is made in the EU, featuring all the required certifications, warranty, and support from a trusted manufacturer. Photo: Polyprint S.A.

Drawing significant interest from visitors, partners, and the press, the new system offers special features that uniquely address challenges faced by existing systems. Throughout the show, the new printing system offered innovation and attracted attendees with its special capabilities, solidifying Polyprint’s position as a forward-thinking pioneer in the print industry. The printer’s demonstration highlighted its system stability, reliability, and productivity, offering a glimpse into the future of DTF printing technologies.

Performance and innovation

Filmjet’s unique features, including constant film tension and advanced air and vacuum powder removal technologies, effectively tackle common issues such as media shifting and static electricity buildup. This ensures continuous operation without the need for frequent user intervention, a significant advancement over existing solutions.

Furthermore, the  smart system control, which automates all processes from printing to curing, was a focal point of interest, emphasizing safety and efficiency. Its integrated ink agitation and white ink circulation systems, alongside automated powder application and recycling, demonstrate Polyprint’s commitment to reducing print head clogging risks and labor costs, while enhancing print quality and speed.

A new era for DTF Printing

“Filmjet’s success at FESPA 2024 is not just a milestone for Polyprint but a leap forward for the DTF industry,” said George Benglopoulos, CEO of Polyprint. “The enthusiasm and interest from the global print community affirm our commitment to innovation and our vision to overcome the challenges faced by DTF print producers. We are excited about the numerous opportunities that lie ahead and looks forward to fostering new partnerships and collaborations as they continue to revolutionize the garment printing industry”.

Filmjet will be priced at €45,000 (MSRP in EU) and is scheduled for availability in July 2024.