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Sustainability at PSI 2022

To look ahead and lead the way, this is what the promotional product industry wants PSI to do as big industry network. Photo: Messe PSI.

From 26 to 28 April the promotional product industry will meet at PSI in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visitors can discover here new products by renowned companies. There will also be a line-up of side events packed with future-oriented content. Ranking on top of the agenda: sustainability.

Correspondingly high are the expectations for the trade show whose strategic focus has been dynamically adjusted to the needs of the market. “We want to support the industry with its many small and medium-sized companies on their path towards economic recovery as best as we can,” says PSI Director Petra Lassahn and goes on to explain: “We are pleased to provide the promotional product industry with an in-person content hub at Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in April, that pools the success-critical input so urgently needed now by means of hands-on knowledge transfer and product presentations relevant to the zeitgeist.”

International participation at a high level

Some 60% of the exhibitors registered so far come from abroad, for instance from Great Britain where PSI cooperates with the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association), which in 2022 will again be taking part with a joint UK participation. But domestic commitment from Germany is just as convincing, as evidenced by registrations by Doppler, Halfar, Senator, Stabilo, Troika and uma to name but a few. The show will also see at least 50 newcomer brands, product inventors and PSI newbies.

From hype to business booster: sustainability

Be it at the PSI Forum, the PSI Sustainability Awards, Textile Campus or at the travelling exhibition ‘Ökorausch Wissenswelt’: the potential of sustainability will be examined at the trade show in a hands-on manner and segment by segment. Experts at the Textile Campus, for example, will provide valuable input on sustainable textile production, fair and ecological supply chains, green design, circular economy, recycling and upcycling, seals, standards and certifications. Concurrently, the nominees of the PSI Sustainability Awards will show how companies can make their processes, products and corporate culture more sustainable.

Possible approaches to alternative living, consumer, production, business and policy concepts will be showcased by the travelling exhibition ‘Ökorausch Wissenswelt’. This hands-on knowledge showcase is a project by the non-profit organisation ‘Stadt Land Welt e.V.’ and subsidised by the foundation ‘Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen’ (Environment and Development North Rhine-Westphalia). It follows on from topics associated with sustainable design shedding light on the ecological and social backdrop here.

PSI Forum strengthens industry know how

In addition to sustainability issues the PSI Forum will also address practical topics of great relevance to the promotional product industry. Highlights will include dealing with analogue communication, implementation of automated and digitalised workflows, hybridisation of distribution processes and cross-channel content management.

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