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Printed mugs that really help

With the purchase of one of these mugs you can support the people affected by the war in Ukraine. Photo Print Equipment GmbH & Co. KG.

War in Europe had been thought by many people in the 21st century to be no longer possible. And yet, for some time now, it has become a brutal reality.

Under the unmistakable statement “StandWithUkraine”, three parties have joined forces and launched a charity campaign to actively help. The Kempten-based company Bilderdienst Allgäu, the Munich-based content designer Sebastian Göhsing and the company Print Equipment from Ottersweier have launched a campaign with the aim of helping suffering people with medical services.

Support of people affected by the war

In the webstore you can purchase a ceramic mug for 20 Euro with a peace motif in the typical colours of the Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow), 100 % donated by Print Equipment. Also for companies that have walk-in customers or run their own web store, there is an opportunity to become active. Thus, tradesmen can participate risk-free in the action over three different packages and an exhibition set, because the commodity is supplied on commission. Ideal for gas stations, bakeries, kiosks, pharmacies and other interested companies. Interested companies can send an e-mail.

The entire proceeds from the sale of the campaign will go to the Ukrainian Medical Association in Germany e.V. Dr. med. Oksana Ulan from the Medical Association is directly on site in Ukraine. “We chose this organization because that’s where the money goes one to one without any major administrative costs,” explains Mario Panter, Managing Director at Print Equipment. “With our mug campaign, we want to support all the people affected by the war in Ukraine,” Panter continues.