DTG tagless label screenprinting machine

Manufacturer Grafica Flextronica is launching the nano-prinTag, which, according to Grafica, is the world’s fastest and first all-electrical/mechanical automatic direct-to-garment tagless label screenprinting machine.

Nano-prinTag has a user-friendly touch-screen control panel for easy operation. It is possible to ‘print–flash–print–flash’ several times on the same piece. Grafica will also offer customised pallets in various sizes and shapes for different applications.


Grafica’s nano-prinTag can be used to print tagless neck labels, high-density labels and logos for T-shirts/shirts, pocket/shoulder logo printing, socks/handkerchiefs, gloves, jeans pockets, vests/underwear/innerwear, caps, transfers, all types of hosiery, garments and apparel, and many more.

The machine can do 2,880 prints per hour, and is available in up to four colours / ten pallets. The print area is 6” × 6” (15.25 cm × 15.25 cm).

Bhargav Mistry, Managing Director of Grafica, said, “This is yet another breakthrough product from Grafica. The machine is designed, keeping in mind the minimum power consumption and minimum maintenance requirement. It runs without a compressor because there are no pneumatics inside, which makes the machine the fastest and trouble-free.”

Check out the video on YouTube: