Amann-now a Global Player

With an entertainment program and lots of international guests on March 23rd 2010 the official opening of the new twisting plant Amann Twisting (Yancheng) as well as the ground-breaking of the soon-to-be production site Amann Sewing Threads in Yancheng took place.

Amann Twisting (Yancheng) comes with a production and storage area of 16.100 sqm and more than 1.000 sqm of offices.   The yearly production capacity is 3.000 tons with a planned number of employees of 350.  The new production site Amann Sewing Threads (Yancheng) will have a production and storage area of approx. 14.000 sqm with a yearly capacity of 2.500 t and 150 employees.

The opening ceremony took place directly in the halls of Amann Twisting (Yancheng).  After having achieved the first goal of the China project the focus concentrates now on the coming steps. Yet during the construction phase of the twisting plant in 2009, Amann deals with the realization of an own dyehouse and make-up section, Amann Sewing Threads (Yancheng), which will also be built in ‘Yedz’, not far from the twisting plant.

The ground-breaking of Amann Sewing Threads (Yancheng) was celebrated on the new site area directly after the opening of the twisting plant. 

New production capacities are planned in India, too. Sales in the Indian subcontinent are presently being managed through recently opened offices and warehouse facilities in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Amann recently expanded its product program. The colour range for Isacord  has been enlarged by 45 to more than 400 colours.  The classic Isafil 40 returns. Starting with 110 bright and brilliant basic colours Amann offers to rayon lovers an article with reasonable price for shiny and high-fashion embroideries.

Amann welcomes two new members in its embroidery thread range: Isabob and Lifecycle Art 35. Isabobs are prewound bobbins for machine embroidery which create remarkable time savings by eliminating the work step ‘self winding’ and by the higher yield. With Lifecycleart 35 Amann introduces an embroidery thread made from 100% recycled polyester.  

By the wide product range and the large amount of colours and raw materials Amann offers finely gradated varieties of shine to all embroidery customers.