Grand opening YES head office

December 8th marks the official opening of the new purpose-designed head office of the Yes Ltd. (Your Embroidery Services Ltd.) group at Souvereign House in Mansfield.

yes-1Perfect tailor-made building

In just over 20 years Roy Burton, managing director of Yes Ltd., has seen the company grow from its humble beginnings in Roy’s study at home to a 17,000 sq ft bespoke headquarters. The process of finding the right place was not easy and quick, though. Many buildings were looked at, but nothing fitted the remit given by the directors of the company.

Burton said, “We looked at so many buildings that we were beginning to think that we would never find anything, and then Sovereign House popped up. Although it was nothing like you will see it now, we immediately knew that this was the building for us. We also knew that it would not happen overnight and there had to be lots of changes. However, the extensive alterations would give us the perfect tailor-made building for our business with everything having a place. We are so pleased with the outcome and the fact that everyone connected with the company – directors, staff and customers – have a comfortable and efficient environment to work in.”

Refit completedyes-2

Although they have been in already for a few months, the company wanted the opening to be extra special, and so decided to wait until all of the refit had been completed. Each section of the business has its own home within the building. Although some areas cross over, all attempts have been made to ensure that the working environment fits the remit of the industry or product. Embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, and the newer label printing and finishing have dedicated areas and dedicated staff, allowing each one the support the company believes its customers deserve.

There is also extra space created in order to bring the European arm of the company, Impression Technology Europe, under the same roof, making logistics better. The move to Sovereign House has enabled everything to come together with increasing efficiency and communication, benefitting not only the company, but also its customers.