EmbroideryStudio e4

In the four years since the release of EmbroideryStudio, Wilcom has been meeting with embroidery specialists in order to better address their individual needs. Among its results, Wilcom developed its new advanced integrated Design Library and its .EMB design file. These tools will not only improve productivity and enhance the number of orders, but do this with increased accuracy.

Automatically indexes all designsWilcom 1 (2)

Managing hundreds or thousands of client designs is time consuming and often leads to lost design files, resulting in having to redo the work. The new advanced integrated Design Library automatically indexes all designs on a computer or network, allowing users to search for a design in seconds by customer, order, date or any other text field. Recently viewed designs can be retrieved and opened in two clicks. Designs can also be grouped and sorted by customer, order, date, folder, design status, stitch count and more. Designs can also be opened, converted, printed and stitched in a batch, saving the users from repeatedly doing the same tasks.

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Productivity tool

Functionality has been increased by the latest Wilcom .EMB design file, which allows all the job information to be stored effortlessly together with the design. This means there is no need for a separate database, since the garment, quantities, sizes, colors and approval status can all be identified in one place.

Open a design file and you will also find the customer and contact details, order number, order and due dates, general notes and more. Everything is also indexed and searchable within the Design Library, making this an extremely powerful productivity tool. Real-life TrueView representations of designs can be displayed on high-resolution images in the actual colors the customer orders.

The enhanced auto-digitizing provides near-accurate stitch counts, too, allowing quotes to be rapidly generated. Approval sheets can then be e-mailed directly to customers for fast approvals. Both of these features are available in EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing and Decorating. Hereby, all the usual frustrations around design, orders and approval management are removed, resulting in an uncomplicated and easy-to-use multi-decorating solution.