Wilcom and Corel introduce new Elements 3

Wilcom International and Corel Corporation announced the latest versions of Wilcom DecoStudio e3 and Embroidery Studio e3 integrated with CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 as part of the Elements 3 product range.

The new modular product range provides a flexible and affordable way for businesses to choose the tools they need and add as they grow. A revamped user interface provides easier and faster ways to work for newcomers and experienced e3_boxlogo_decostudiousers alike. This release brings even smoother workflows between graphic and embroidery files as well as a host of creative and productivity features. With a focus on all types of apparel decoration, Wilcom Elements 3 also features new Virtual Decorations, simulating embroidery through digital printing.


The integration of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite into Wilcom DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio has changed the way that embroidery is designed and has become the ideal smart tools for embroiderers and garment decorators.

New feature highlights for example are:

Stitch quality improvements – new ‘Sheen’ algorithms provide stitch results in Graphics to Stitch conversion and Auto Fabrics with built in intelligence provided by industry experts. Matching fill patterns in complex Fusion Fill shapes and new underlay types for more loft with less stitches.

Work with .EMB multi-decoration file format – Extra large TrueView and multi-decoration thumbnails in Windows Explorer and Corel Connect. Wilcom’s free embroidery viewer program, TrueSizer is now also a web app for viewing and sizing designs on the go.

New Digitizing tools – Extended Automatic Offsets and Outlines for sports logos and badges, calligraphy stitch effects, Step Repeat duplicating, Backstitch and StemStitch stipple fill, major new extensions to freehand digitizing with stylus.

Bling lettering – Choose from one of the bling alphabets provided or convert from any True Type fonts.

Multi-user Network dongle – Ans secure way to set up multiple users for work places and classrooms.