Wilcom International and Corel announced the latest versions of Wilcom Decostudio e2 and Embroiderystudio e2 integrated with CorelDraw® graphics suite X5. The enhancements to these versions have been designed to improve efficiency in multi-decoration design, customer approvals and production. The new versions are  offered in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese will be available in February.

Newest release helps decorators stay competitive

Decorators have been looking for ways to stay competitive with shorter runs and customer demands for more fashion-forward, multi-decorated designs. The latest editions of DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio e2 make it  easier, more efficient and production friendly. Also, with the new features and creative power included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 like major enhancements to asset management, color management, web graphics, a wide variety of learning resources and more content, decorators will have all tools needed to meet the evolving requirements of the multi decoration and embroidery industry.

Wilcom expands possibilities

With a commitment to examining business processes, trends and customer feedback, this new product suite ensures everything is at your finger tips, visualised, optimised and ready for production.


Decostudio and Embroiderystudio e2 allows businesses to take advantage of the rhinestone craze and create dazzling rhinestone fill shapes, runs and patterns. Built-in intelligence removes overlaps, converts vector shapes to rhinestone designs and works out how many rhinestones are needed for each color. Production files can be exported for rhinestone machines or cutters.

Improved visualisation and production

A collection of garment templates are now included to visualise the design as a finished product. It also translates into professional approval Pdf’s to improve order and production processes. The Hoop it! tool  visualises the design within the most appropriate embroidery machine hoop, streamlining the embroidery production process.

Productivity improvements

The latest editions of DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio load faster and offer time-savers such as mouse-wheel scroll/zoom, measurement unit control and apply closest join which reduces trims on the embroidery machine.

Creative Power of Coreldraw graphics suite X5

The suite’s core applications include Coreldraw X5 for vector-illustration and page-layout; Corel photo paint™ for professional image-editing; Corel  powertrace® for converting bitmaps into editable vector graphics, and Corel capture™ for screen capture. New to the suite is Core connect, a full-screen browser that lets users search the suite’s digital content, their computer or local network to quickly find the perfect complement for a design.

EmbroideryStudio e2 also offers:

Multi-decoration export

With EmbroideryStudio e2 users can now export all the elements in one go – resulting in separate and appropriate production files for print, bling, embroidery or appliqué.

Team sports features

EmbroideryStudio e2 makes it easier to cater to decorated team uniforms and maximise the profits of this  market. Users can now select from a library of multi-line team name templates to make personalisation a breeze. With new improvements including auto letter spacing to handle short and long names, businesses will certainly have the tools to serve this market well.

New artistic stitch effects

The new freehand embroidery tool allows users to take advantage of their drawing tablets for  more creativity. Additional new stitch effects also include cross stitch fill, carving stamp and stipple fill to make a design stand out from the crowd.

Dazzling sequins

EmbroideryStudio e2 provides the tools to create sequin-filled shapes, borders and multi-sequin patterns. Advanced editing tools provides the level of precision required for dazzling results.