The AMANN Group sustainability report 2022 is available for download now. Sustainability is a central component of the company’s strategic corporate direction. The company sets standards when it comes to acting ecologically, socially and fairly while at the same time meeting high quality standards for the company and their products.

The Sustainability report 2022 is now available in English language and German language and shortly also in Chinese language. Photo: AMANN Group.

Contribution to the planet

Corporate management that is geared towards the future must recognize changes in the market environment at an early stage and take measures to meet these changes. In this sense, the company sees sustainability as an opportunity to do the right thing to secure the future of the company, but also to make a contribution to the future of the planet.

AMANN Group is convinced that people are the most important lever for a sustainable transformation. Together with the stakeholders, they want to consistently act sustainably. They offer their customers a comprehensive service and are available as a competent contact partner offering everything from professional advice to the reliable delivery of products. In doing so, they minimize the environmental impact. They respond transparently to all customer enquiries. Likewise, they also bear responsibility for their upstream value chain on an economic, ecological and social level.

Improve sustainability

AMANN Group looks to the future with confidence and will constantly review their processes. In this way, they continuously improve the sustainable and resource-saving efficiency of their operational activities with a clear goal in mind. This is the only way they can live up to our high standards and combine ecological impact with our economic activities.