Melco launches Fusion web service

Melco launches Fusion, a web service that enables the online personalisation of products with embroidery designs.

Melco’s new web service offers companies a range of benefits including virtual products, reduced inventory risk and increased margins. Photo: Melco International LLC.

By using the web service, companies can reduce their time to market and increase customer loyalty. The plug-in provides perfect embroidery visualisation and allows customers to customise or personalise products with embroidery designs.

Fusion automates the creation of production files, saving time, money and eliminating errors. With the ability to create virtual products, the web service reduces inventory risk and enables companies to increase margins. Fusion offers integration with existing e-commerce platforms, enabling companies to market their products and services more efficiently.

This web service is the ideal tool for companies looking to grow their business through online customisation with embroidery designs.