Smart textile finishing and more


At Viscom 2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany, cameo Laser will show innovative possibilities of textile decorations with embroidery appliqués. They will present, for the first time in Germany, the Fusion Laser, the latest system from the cameo product family.

‘Discover new prospects’ is the slogan of Viscom 2013, which will be held from November 7–9 in Dusseldorf. In accordance with this slogan, cameo Laser will show the combination of laser embroidery and embroidery. The appliqué fabric is cut with the laser device. This makes it possible also to cut intricate motifs very precisely and in large runs. These appliqués, which can be faux leather, polyester or other textile materials, can additionally be decorated with contrasting laser-branding details. The finished appliqué will be fixed on the substrate by means of adhesive spray and embroidery machines.


With the already-introduced laser systems Elite and Zing, the cameo team will show, at the trade fair, how to place the appliqué precisely and to save one work step. The appliqué fabric and the ground fabric her are hooped separated by a thin aluminium foil into a frame that is compatible with both the laser system and with the embroidery machine. The laser beam of the system will only cut the appliqué fabric that sits on top. Then, the frame is removed and mounted on the embroidery machine, where the appliqué is stitched onto the ground fabric. Finally, the thin foil can be removed.


Fusion offenddef

Fusion, the latest member of the cameo family made by Epilog is suitable for other laser processes and for textile finishing. In terms of speed and precision, the device is second to none. The device cuts nearly twice as fast as traditional devices. Cutting edges of acrylic products are cleanly polished and remain crystal clear.

“The quality of this cut is better than anything before,” explains Torsten Herbst, Managing Director of cameo. Fusion is suitable for a large variety of materials. Typical for cameo systems: even stainless steel can be processed without chemical additives. And a novelty on the market: the device enables cutting of long pieces, such as skis.

The machine body is designed to be opened from all four sides and to pass the material through. “When the system is adapted, the laser safety class changes from 2 to 4, which makes it necessary to use the corresponding safety measures, such as wearing safety goggles, but then, Fusion offers unimaginable options,” underlines Torsten Herbst.

Further characteristics and advantages, such as a job running-time pre-calculation, the LED inner lighting, the barrier-free loading gate and many more will be presented live at the stand. cameo is the exclusive distributer of this device for Germany.