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cameo Laser Franz Hagemann GmbH will show at viscom 2019 laser devices for every need, from textile finishing to industrial engraving.

Sales Manager Michael Ebel and his team will show which laser system is suited for the visual communication and advertisement technology. For example the Epilog Fusion 40 dual is an all-round machine, it includes devices with a large working field of 1016 x 710 mm for large products such as displays or letters for outdoor advertisement that can be produced in a simple manner. The device cuts, adds lettering and engraves different kind of materials – from acrylic and film up to wood and paper. “As a dual system with CO2-laser and fibre laser source, the device can process mixed materials in one single step, without intervention by the user. The device changes automatically between the laser sources during a job”, explains Michael Ebel.

The latest models from the cameo Laser range, the Lasermaxx Plott 100 and the Lasermaxx Galvo easy, can also be tested at the show. The laser cutting system Lasermaxx Plott is a CO2-system, the device can process wood and plastic but also paper, card board and acrylic glass. Also thick materials, such as 15mm thick acrylic, can be cut with this laser machine.

© Cameo Laser
© Cameo Laser

The Lasermaxx Galvo easy is a tool for the industrial production, it cuts all metals, technical plastics and many other materials quickly and can apply detailed letterings. The laser system has a powerfull pulsed Q-switched laser source. “The device achieves with short pulses in a repeated process energy peaks that are able to achieve material removing engravings. With that it is possible to engrave products, machines, signs, labels or parts of tools permanently with numbers, letterings, symbols, pictures, data matrix or barcodes in different colours and depths”, says Ebel.

The Epilog zing 24 will also be on show, you can watch how this device creates branding effects on textiles and applies rhinestones.