New Marabu Inkjet Package

At TV TecStyle Visions 2014 in Stuttgart, Marabu showcases two different ink packages for digital textile printing. In addition to the proven sublimation inks, new acid/disperse inks complete Marabu’s digital colour range.

In the field of water-based digital textile printing inks at TV TecStyle Visions, Marabu (Hall 6, D20) presents its versatile TexaJet DX range. The hybrid sublimation ink TexaJet DX-SHE is suitable for traditional transfer printing as well as for direct printing onto pre-treated polyester fabrics. Its full colour brilliance can be achieved on machines with Epson DX4 and DX5 print heads. Especially for transfer printing and optimized for Epson DX6 and DX7 print heads, Marabu has developed TexaJet DX-STE, which is ideal for printing on very thin paper. The wide variety of applications includes all textiles with at least 60% polyester as well as rigid materials pre-coated with polyester. The recent member of the TexaJet family is a sublimation ink exclusively designed for direct printing.

Inkjet package

At the fair in Stuttgart, besides its sublimation solutions, Marabu presents a completely new inkjet package consisting of acid and disperse inks for various fabrics such as home textiles.

Acid inks are particularly suited for silk, wool, or polyamide fibers. After printing, a steam treatment of the printed textiles as well as an alkaline after wash is always necessary. Acid inks are ideal for the dyeing of textiles, because the colours are extremely washable and light-resistant. Similarly, the resistance to perspiration is a benefit. This prevents for example after exercising, that the colour of the sportswear rubs off on the wearer’s skin.

Disperse inks, however, are only suitable for synthetic fibers. After printing, the ink must be heat-treated to cause the polyester surface to ‘open’, so the disperse dyes are able to migrate into the fabric. In this way, highest UV-stability and washing-resistance are achieved.

Direct printing

Marabu will also be present at the booth of the ‘Siebdruckpartner’ in Hall 4, stand B52. There, Marabu will display its Tampatex TPX pad printing ink which is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The direct printing of size specifications, washing instructions or logos onto textiles with Tampatex TPX keeps up the wearing comfort because no sew-in labels are necessary.

Marabu, Hall 6, stand D20