Cameo Laser at TV TecStyle Visions

At TV TecStyle Visions to be held 13–15 February 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany, cameo Laser – the high-end brand of Franz Hagemann GmbH & Co. KG – will present two all-rounders among the laser systems: the cameo Zing 6030 and the cameo Elite 6045.

These machines can apply most diverse lettering techniques onto almost every material, such as velvet, denim, cotton, fleece or soft-shell, but also on leather, plastics and metal. In this way it is possible to decorate textiles by means of the laser-branding technique and promotional articles can be enhanced with most filigree motifs.

Appliqué embroidery

“Our devices offer the user a wide range of possibilities. For example in the area of appliqué embroidery, which is a trend currently,” underlines Michael Ebel, cameo Sales Director and contact person for visitors to the trade show. Laser devices are able to cut quickly appliqués or badges made from faux leather, polyester or other materials in a detailed, precise manner and, if necessary, also in large quantities. By means of laser branding it is possible to create contrasts 512_Applikationenand effective highlights.

In order to fix appliqués on a carrier material, you can use adhesive sprays and embroidery machines – also in combination with the proven laser systems Elite and Zing. They enable precise placing, while one working step can be saved. The appliqué fabric and the ground fabric are hooped here, separated by a thin aluminium foil into a frame that is compatible with the laser system and with the embroidery machine. The laser beam of the system will cut the appliqué fabric that sits on top. Then, the frame is removed and mounted on the embroidery machine, where the appliqué is stitched onto the ground fabric. At the end, the fine film is removed and the remaining design is embroidered.

Cameo Laser – Hall 4, Stand C52