New launches from Azonprinter

Azonprinter presents the revolutionary Series 2 of Azon Tex Pro. The manufacturer also introduces four Direct to Substrate printers with UV Led.

After five successful years of Azon Tex Pro on the market, Azonprinter presents the revolutionary Series 2. Series 2 comes with following models: Azon Tex Pro, Azon DTS, AZON DTS WHITE, AZON DTS+, Azon DTS WHITE+.

All printers come with innovative light design, perfect to match in any work shop. New accessible and simple controls for table height and shift, makes Series 2, enjoyable to use, according to Azonprinter. Laser sensor enables faster production, easier usage and insure printer protection.

Direct to Garment printing solution comes in Series 2 with advanced systems for printing on wood and leather on the same printer. The models brings automatic startup of IR lamps on Direct to Substrate Printing, which brings significant advantage of consuming substantially less energy and therefore minimizing running costs.

Direct to Substrate printers

UV TT (60 x 80), A1 (60 x120/180), B0 (118 x 245) and A 3 should be lounched by the end of 2012. Azonprinter has mastered the technology of UV LED ink and UV LED printing with UV inkjet printers. This is cost effectively digital printing system with an intelligent laser beam print head protection. Standard model comes with cmykwwww colors (option – gloss cmykww or primer cmykww).

Azon UV white ink creates a very dense image, allowing users to print on any colored substrate and produce amazing, bright colors with a white under base, while gloss ink gives gloss or multi-coat effects to the surfaces of printed objects. UV printers offer application on objects up to 20 cm and with reproduction quality of 2880 dpi. With UV printers you can reproduce even the finest image details, crisp text and vibrant, full – color images with outstanding durability on a variety of substrates and 3D objects, from wood and stainless steel to ceramic tiles, plastics and glass.