ZSK Open HouseOn 21 and 22 September ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH once again opened their doors to show all visitors their latest products and examples of what can be made using them. Some suppliers in the market were invited as well to inform visitors about their latest products.

Sprint 7

On show were the new embroidery machine models Sprint 7, Sprint L and Sprint 7XL. All Sprint 7 models are equipped with 18 needles and servo drive systems. Compared to the Sprint 6 models, the Sprint 7 models are more efficient when it comes to longer stitch lenghts. As the drive system hangs from the top of the machines, Sprint 7 and Sprint 7XL now offer extended space to allow embroidery of large products such as suitcases and golf bags.

ZSK open House
New Sprint 7XL embroidery machine

ZSK Bead Device

The new ZSK Bead Device allows embroidery of a variety of beads to give your embroidery a more distinct expression. The new device can be installed on the left and/or right side of the embroidery head on machines with MCP 30, MCP 31 and MCP 35. The device allows a speed of 800 RPM.

Shirt Collar Frame

If you need to embroider a shirt collar, taking the shirt out of the package, embroidering it and folding it back is a very time-consuming task. Using the new ZSK shirt collar frame, the collar can be embroidered without having to take the shirt apart. The system can be supported by an optional pallet that can be installed on Sprint machines. It will hold the shirt in the bag while the collar is being embroidered.


Carl is ZSK’s new embroidery technology magazine for customers. It will be published twice a year and will provide all information on new products and machines.

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