New Digital Equipment Evaluations

SGIA has recently completed six new Digital Equipment Evaluations, focusing on garment technologies, to give the garment community raw, unbiased information about the latest digital equipment devices on the market.

These new SGIA member-exclusive Digital Equipment Evaluations could make all the difference in your next purchasingdecision. Compare before you purchase, is the advice of the association.


New reports are now available for the following products:
• AnaJet mPower mP10
• AnaJet Sprint
• Brother GT-361
• Brother GT-381
• Brother GT-341
• OmniPrint FreeJET 330 TX

Participation by equipment manufacturers is voluntary. Evaluations can take place at either a manufacturer showroom, where the equipment can be set up under favorable conditions, or at the facility of a user of the equipment, where a manufacturer representative or experienced operator can use the machine. An SGIA representative, serving as test observer, conducts timing and measurement.

To access the evaluations, or to learn more, visit, Keyword: GarmentEval.