Madeira expands Frosted Matt collection

WEB_FrostedMatt_IntroThere’s a strong demand from embroiderers for Madeira’s special finish Frosted Matt. Therefore Madeira has complemented the existing 2500m cones and created new Mini Snap Cones (MSCs) of 1000m in all 189 shades.

Frosted Matt MSCs are available in four different options:

  • in boxes of ten
  • colour family sets with ten tonal shades
  • a Mini Starter Set containing the top ten colours
  • the drawer unit, 
holding all the 189 shades.

All the MSCs provide flexibility in production planning and greater spread on machines for small series.

WEB_Madeira-7_FrostedMatt_GUThe ceramic content of  Frosted Matt defines the true colour without reflection, so it photographs beautifully since the light doesn’t bounce back. The thread is light fast and allows sun exposure which makes the product suitable for outdoor and marine clothing.

Frosted Matt has OEKO-TEX certification and high saliva fastness. This means it can be used for baby items too and for Sportswear, because it resists perspiration.