Madeira at European fashion shows

Madeira is already preparing for the autumn fashion shows in Europe. The customers from all textile areas will have the possibility to look at Madeira’s latest impressions at the munich fabric start, Munich/Germany (August 31 – September 2), Moda In, Milano/Italy (September 8-10) and Mod Amont, Paris/France (September 14-16).

Synergie effects within the textile branche have become very important today. Madeira is using lots of such possibilities and also demonstrates to customers the open way of working. This kind of networking has proved to be of a big help to the industry suppliers and the fashion brands.

Frosted Matt
For example, Madeira shows modern embroidery designs made with Frosted Matt on functional fabrics supplied by New Trend Textile Co. Ltd from Taiwan (see picture right). Also for sportswear brands, Madeira presents reflective materials by the companies Regine from Germany and JRC from France, decorated by Madeira with embroideries and decorative seams.

The company also shows blouses, made with fabrics from the French weaving company Virtuose, decorated with Madeira threads by students from the School of Textiles & Design, Reutlingen/Germany). Furthermore Madeira presents a collection of outfits from design students from FHNW Basel/Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, which Madeira also sponsors with free threads. All this makes a visit on the Madera booth very attractive and inspiring.

Threads and accessoires
Besides these exhibits, Madeira presents of course the entire range of threads and accessories. Beautiful presentation books have been worked out to show the endless possibilities with the decorative threads. The company also shows samples which combine printing techniques with embroideries (see picture left).
‘Individuality’ is still a key word when talking about accessories. And this is very good for Madeira because the company offers a lot of ‘non-standard’ products and the know-how how to use those.