Launch ColorWall Seam Link

Color Solutions International (CSI) announced that it is partnering with American Efrid (A&E) to bring Brands and Retailers a new value added technical solution called Color Wall Seam Link.

This new benefit is a proprietary technology that quickly recommends A&E thread color matches to the CSI ColorWall standards by utilizing the CSI color management platform.

ColorWall Seam Link provides development, design, creative and technical teams with accurate thread matches to CSI color standards early in the design process, allowing for reduced process time, and increased match confidence.

“The new partnership with A&E is a great example of textile supply chain partners working together to create a service for Brands & Retailers that dramatically improves color consistency from design to garment, increases color matching speed, and delivers the highest ecology standards”, commented Ron Pedemonte, DyStar Textile Services Global Manager. CSI, a division of DyStar, provides retailers and brands with a variety of flexible color options and services.

“We are excited about our collaboration with CSI. Our shared input and technologies have yielded an Innovative, upstream color tool which will certainly offer value to our mutual customer base. Two eco conscious companies partnering to create an accurate, time saving solution to today’s fashion color demands, ” says Chris Alt, A&E’s VP of Global Retail Solutions.