On show: Kornit Presto. Photo Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital (Nasdaq: KRNT) joins the 2020 Innovative Textile & Apparel Trade Show, WTiN’s annual global exhibition highlighting the innovators in technology, production, and value chain leadership for the textile and apparel industry.

On show

For this year’s event, which is free to attend, Kornit will be exhibiting its latest capabilities for digital direct-to-garment and roll-to-roll production, including the single-step process for delivering durable, retail-quality impressions on multiple fabrics within minutes.

You will learn more about Kornit’s portfolio of systems, offering brands and fulfillers pushbutton efficiency in any quantity, to eliminate inventory risk and waste. You will also learn more about Presto, the new Softener solution, the range of available pallets, the DTG solution for custom neck tags and Kornit’s acquisition of Custom Gateway.

In addition to sharing diverse customer testimonials, Kornit will be hosting live consultations with system experts, to answer all questions and present Kornit’s value proposition for ongoing business needs. The company will also be leading a seminar presentation during the event.

“While we certainly miss the face-to-face engagement traditional trade shows offer, the upside of these web-based expositions is that there’s no limit to the systems, applications, and personnel Kornit can and will leverage to present its case for mastering the e-commerce age with efficient, sustainable digital capabilities,” said Chris Govier, Kornit Digital Managing Director—EMEA. “With our expanding suite of workflow and visibility software, Kornit gives manufacturers large and small the ability to scale their end-to-end business, while eliminating overproduction risks and establishing responsible production practices. These systems are critical to surviving the retail apocalypse and COVID-like disruptions, and event attendees will see why.”