Innovation Award for Brother

This year Brother in Emmerich am Rhein participated in the competition for the Innovation Award of the Texprocess 2013. The company is this year’s winner with the new Bonding Machine BM-1000.

The BM-1000 is a world first product to create various applications by a glue bonding system, according to Brother Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH. Concept of the bonding machine is to produce garment by applying glue and pressure in a single process instead of using thread. This concept was developed based on an increasing demand of seamless garments such as sportswear or underwear of which people expect much softness and comfort.
Moreover, it has a potential to be used for other applications such as interior equipment or outdoor goods.

Innovative feature

Existing film type attaching system has three different processes being attach tape temporarily, peel off paper liner and press it. Meanwhile, bonding machine reduces these processes to just one process by applying thermoplastic glue and pressing garment simultaneously. This technology makes it possible to realize a much higher productivity compared with a film system.
Specially developed glue stretches flexibly and sticks to material 1.5 times stronger than film. The glue has a property of not peeling off by reheating and maintains the quality durance. This feature expands the design possibility of finished products.

Get a free demonstration of this year’s award winner in hall 5 stand B70 during Texprocess 2013 in Frankfurt from 10th until 13th June 2013.