GMG Label Award
German-based GMG has won this year’s “Award for Innovation (for companies with up to 300 employees)” for its GMG Calibration Creation Wizard.
Photo GMG

Being nominated as one of five finalists had already earned pride among the 150 employees of GMG. “The fact that we were awarded and that our innovative strength was acknowledged is an honour and a tremendous praise for us”, says Peter Schöffler, Product Manager at GMG. “Above all, we owe this success to an inter-divisional development team.”

With the GMG Calibration Creation Wizard, users of the Epson SC-S80600 can quickly and easily create accurate, reproducible proofs on media close to the production material. GMG Calibration Creation Wizard is fully integrated with GMG ColorProof and GMG OpenColor, enabling operators to create specific profiles for various media types as well as benefit from reliable calibrations.

“We realized how high the demand for color accurate mock-ups really is. To get an idea of what the product will look like in the end, consistent color appearance needs to be maintained on every compatible substrate”, declares Schöffler. “Closing the gap between color precision and look & feel was a huge concern“. In doing so, the biggest challenge for color management expert GMG was the amount of different materials.

The symbiosis of GMG color management, production-related media and the Epson SC-S80600 is particularly interesting for users in the fields of flexible packaging, corrugated board, folding carton and labels, but also for special cases such as cups, cans, or tubes. Customers no longer must confine themselves to a given portfolio of proof media and, compared to other solutions, save valuable time during the profiling process. Due to savings of up to 75 %, substrate and ink utilization is economically and ecologically reasonable.