Wilcom launches DecoNetwork Version 4

Software company Wilcom has launched DecoNetwork Version 4, with a focus on improving quote, order and invoice process efficiency for all custom decorators working with embroidery, direct-to garment printing and promotional products.

Previous versions of DecoNetwork had already provided the solution for a visual on-line designer, including custom designing on the fly. In Version 4, the combination of On-line Designer and Business Hub allows the DecoNetwork user  not only create visual quotes, but streamline the quote, order and invoice process from a single platform.

Prior to the launch Wilcom had run a Beta on 15% of its existing customer base, the response had been very positive. Embroiderers and printers reported an increased rate of quote to order conversion as well as increased customer satisfaction.  The combination of a visual quote and a streamlined workflow results in less miscommunication when dealing with approvals.

As part of the launch for version 4, Wilcom has released two new plans DecoHub and DecoStores to replace the existing Solo, Solo Plus and Affiliate plans with pricing to match. Wilcom has also dropped the transaction fee from 5% to a low 1.85% for both plans.

Although both plans will have Business Hub as standard, DecoHub is positioned for custom decorators who require an on-line business tool, without the full functionality of an on-line store. DecoStores on the other hand will retain all the functionality of the Affiliate plan, allowing the end user to create multiple affiliates to grow their business. A customer can upgrade from DecoHub to DecoStores or vice versa at any time.