New Melco Amaya XTS embroidery machine

Melco launched the new Amaya XTS (Second generation) embroidery machine. This new machine produces high quality embroidery, is user friendly, more productive and offers an even higher reliability in industrial production.

Amaya XTS offers the following new features:
Assigning colours;
With the new feature ‘Automatic Colour Assignment’ you do not need to define anymore each colour. For the colour assignment you only need to define, which thread is on which needle. The sequence is than automatically organised by the software. This feature increases the embroidery activity.

Cap frame;
The new XTS cap frame enlightens the framing process and therefore it improves the efficiency. The to be embroidered item is now close to the cap frame. The new cap frame of the XTS offers a large embroidery field and an embroidery speed of 1300 stitches per minute.

With the possibility of editing directly on the machine, you do not have to go back to the digitizing computer; you can directly apply smaller changes on the embroidery machine.

Laser positioning;
With the new built in laser pointer, you can place, rotate and even change the size of the embroidery design with two reference points to millimetre exactitude. This allows you also to offer new effects to your customer, such as combinations of print and embroidery.

Thread trimmer;
The new thread trimmer features a completely new cutting kinematic for clean and reliable trims also with problematic threads like wool or metallic thread.