New line embroidery hoops

Allied International, Inc. is releasing a new line of Premium Allied Grid-Lock (PAGL) plastic embroidery hoops. 

The improved PAGL round hoops feature more prominent visual markings and an extra long adjustment screw, enabling easier screw turning as well as greatly increased outer hoop opening to accommodate very thick materials.

Allied International is also excited to offer a new 19 x 20 cm rectangular Premium AGL Hoop. This patented hoop design has many unique features enabling embroiderers to save hooping time and money, according to the company.

The PAGL-1920 has straight edge lips on all four sides with 1 cm spaced reference alignment lines. Additionally, the patented 1 cm grid on the hoop face and additional reference markings and lines on the inner hoop wall aid significantly in providing quick and easy visual confirmation of straight hooping and optimum placement.