Environmental Responsibility A&E

American & Efird (A&E), manufacturer of sewing thread, embroidery yarns and technical textiles for worldwide industrial markets, announced the release of its transparent 2010 Sustainability Report which details its 7.7 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the past five years. 

One of the first thread manufacturers to adopt a global standard of measurement, A&E uses critical data to scrutinize its engineering protocols, equipment specs, and emerging technology, with the express purpose of upgrading systems and continuing its trend in greenhouse gas emission reduction.

“In spite of the best practices we have implemented throughout our 120 year history, in 2009 we launched an Eco-Driven program that consists of Ten Threads of Sustainability as a formal series of goals and objectives that continue to drive our day to day activities, at all of our global facilities, in the direction of sustainability,” said John Eapen, Vice President Environmental, Health & Safety at American & Efird. “By adhering to the strict guidelines on all fibers, dyes, chemicals, lubricants and manufacturing processes that are used worldwide to manufacture thread; we were able to see tremendous reduction of our carbon footprint, and our water and energy consumption.”

The study analyzed the actual results of all of its global yarn spinning and dyeing and finishing facilities in which A&E has ownership. Categories measured in the report include global carbon footprint, water conservation, energy consumption, recycling, product stewardship, and Eco-Driven education & involvement.