Embroidery seminar expands

Gunold has conducted embroidery seminars and workshops for the past eight years in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, a new chapter is opened starting October of this year: Distributors, who have already sold Gunold’s products throughout Europe for many years now, will take part in extensive product training at the seminar centre in Stockstadt, similar to the many seminars and workshops already conducted by Gunold.

It all started in 2003 with the first seminar topic: “Embroidery supplies- the basics” After that more and more topics like punching have been added as well as workshops conducted by two embroidery authorities Daniela Hutter from EmTrain and Massimo Baezzato from Constitch. Both experts not only demonstrated their exceptional skills but have been able to share their secrets of embroidery techniques with the seminar participants, combined with expert advice and manifold ideas of how to use embroidery supplies.

Since 2009 Gunold has also added two managerial seminars to their seminar program: “Pricing and cost accounting” as well as the two day sales training “Negotiating skills and sales techniques”. Now “Going global” is next on their to-do list. This idea was again brought up because of the great interest in specialty products, more precisely because of the knowledge gained from experience at this year’s Texprocess in Frankfurt.

For the first time now, two seminars for distributors in English and French will be held in October, explaining the latest products and their correct handling. And who knows, additional foreign language seminars might follow in the near future.

Until then, there is always the opportunity to participate in one of the German seminars which take place in Stockstadt and Hamburg, during the second half of 2011. The topics are: “Embroidery without hooping”, “Punching- the basics”, “Embroidery supplies-the basics” and “Hands-on punching training”. In addition, managerial skills training workshops are also offered: “Sales techniques” and “Pricing and cost accounting”.