Decorating bags

Who does not know the problem that fine lines vanish into thin air when the surface material of a promotional article is too rough or that the printer cannot print the location the customers requires? 

For many situations like this the new digital print transfer technology from Halfar means a real alternative. Different to the already known heat transfer Halfar uses lorry tarpaulin as carrier for the print whereas the transfers are stitched down or fixed by embroidery.

When the transfer is embroided to the bag there is even one more benefit to the customer: The logo receives a wealthy looking frame which makes the logo look even better.

Digital transfers from Halfar also help customers who are interested in fulfillment business in order to be more flexible: not the whole number of bags needs to be decorated. The transfers can be produced on hold and can be used later or even for other bags, as long as they come from Halfar.