GraffixPro Studio Software

Designed specifically for Brother Digital T-shirt Printers, GraffixPro Studio software lets customers enhance their standard T-shirt designs, through advanced design features, to create unique and custom designs.

Easily rotate, or resize text and images, add distressed masks or an outline, or change colors. Version 2.0 of GraffixPro Studio software is now released.


Intuitive and powerful, this software comes with over 40 fonts and over 300+ images and elements† and a library of garment templates, so customers can quickly create a personalized design, view it on a garment template and send it to the printer in 3 easy steps.

No need to learn complicated graphics software or photo editing programs- GraffixPro Studio software includes artwork manipulation, distressed effects, shadows, gradients, and more, so customers can take basic artwork and quickly turn it into an artistic design.

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