DFEPM_Slider_EN_653pxColorGATE introduces the DFE Profiler Module (DFEPM), an extension of the Profiler Module (PFM). This is a new method for ICC-characterization of digital printing systems that have their own DFE (Digital Front End) and an integrated ICC-compatible RIP. The DFEPM generates a special ICC profile which, in addition to the usual color characterization, also contains the process color control and thus combines all the necessary information for the entire calibration workflow. In this way, not only the ink lay down but also the combination of the process colors is regulated in detail.

This extended ICC profile can be used variably in all DFEs and RIPs that work with output ICC profiles. The created profiles can be used flexibly as input as well as output profile and also for proofing. With the DFEPM, ColorGATE thus offers the option of taking advantage of the optimized ColorGATE linearization even with alternative RIP systems and in external printing environments.

To run the DFEPM, the Linearization Assistant is required as well as an OMS including a printer driver, which is capable to generate print data during profiling in a format that can be processed by the specific DFE (e.g. PDF FLAT LOW-/ HIGH-RES or TIFF LOW-/HIGH-RES).