Brother opens the door to the polyester garment printing market. Photo: Brother Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH.

By developing a special method for Brother GTX, GTXpro and GTXpro BULK DTG printers, it is now possible to make an excellent print on 100% dark polyester with high washability at reasonable printing costs and time. The new method has already been tested successfully on various polyester materials.


For this new method you need a GTX or GTXpro DTG printing machine, same Innobella Textile inks (GTX & GTXpro), standard pretreatment (GTX & GTXpro), a petreatment machine and heat press.

The only additional item which you need is the special software/firmware package and a guideline made for dark polyester printing. This new software/firmware package is free of charge available through the Brother certified distributors until June 30, 2021, then it will be invoiced.

As there is a very large variety of polyester textiles available in the market (different quality, brands, colours, etc.), the period until end June 2021 is suitable for testing, gaining confidence and skills in these special treatments and procedures.

To ensure that your polyester textiles can also be printed on without any problems, you may contact your certified Brother dealer in the EMEA region to have your materials tested there or you can get the new software/firmware package and the how-to-do instructions from the dealer directly to test it with your own GTX or GTXpro printer.