Stitch & Print International 1-2021

In this edition

In this 2021 first issue, you will find information about the new garment collections. Sustainability is still an important subject. Because of the way the new world works, there is now a large selection of products available that will have you dressed perfectly for both work and after work. It is to be hoped that these products can be seen and felt at tradeshows soon.

Transfer printing is a popular printing method. Transfers can be used fast and easily on garments as well as on face masks. In this issue, you will find an overview of the latest transfer presses on the market. Michael Hildebrandt offers tips on the transfer printing of face masks.

In his article, Reiner Knochel will illustrate how embroidery companies have found new business opportunities during the past year. He will also provide useful tips on embroidering face masks.


  • New collections
  • Calendar
  • Overview of transfer presses
  • Decoration of face masks
  • Companies battle against COVID-19