All Vastex V2000HD industrial-grade screen printing presses for 2013 (6-station, 6-colour shown) feature new wrench-free print heads that adjust in seconds, and carry a 25-year warranty.

A complete range of screen printing equipment for T-shirts and other textiles will be on display at Vastex International stand F30N, Fespa London.

The equipment line covers every aspect of the screen printing process from pre-press (cleaning, exposing, drying and registering of screens) to printing, athletic numbering, flash curing and drying of the garments.

Two separate equipment lines are offered: heavy-duty machines for low- to medium-volume applications depending on model selected, and ultra-heavy-duty machines for medium- to high-volume production, special effects and/or extra-large applications.

Vastex ultra-heavy-duty V-2000HD screen printing presses are industrial-grade machines that are renowned for durability, ease-of-use and registration accuracy, and are backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty. They are also modular, allowing growing printers to increase volume or expand capabilities as needs dictate.

From the smallest one-station, one-colour tabletop unit to 10-station, 10-colour floor-standing model, to All-Over presses with jumbo pallets, V-2000HD presses offer features and accessories that cut set-up time, boost output, improve quality and reduce maintenance.

V-1000 screen printing presses

Vastex V-1000 heavy-duty screen printing presses, built for low- to medium-volume shops, feature an exclusive floating head design that delivers accurate registration without the high cost associated with machines of this capacity. V-1000 presses are offered in tabletop and floor standing models from one-station/one-colour to four-stations/four-colours. Fully expandable, they allow growing shops to start small and add stations and print heads to increase output or achieve special effects.

Boosting the production of any rear-clamp manual press is as easy as adding a VRS pin registration system, allowing anyone to pre-register screens for multi-colour jobs accurately off press, which in turn allows the operator to insert four new screens and resume printing in perfect register in less than 10 minutes.

DiGiT numbering jig

For athletic numbering the DiGiT numbering jig from Vastex converts virtually any rear-clamp manual press into a numbering press in 20 seconds using two screens, each with 5 numbers. It not only prints fast, but also compensates for the thinner number “1”, ensuring that all 2-digit numbers are centred.

Vastex Infrared Conveyor Dryers handle the lowest to the highest capacity applications with unsurpassed efficiency. At the low-volume end, tabletop Dri-Box models can cure up to 80 plastisol-printed pieces per hour. At the high end, Big Red V Series dryers can cure/dry over 900 plastisol-printed shirts per hour, 400 per hour printed with water-based ink, and 112 per hour printed with digital white ink. In between, Dri-Box II, Econo Red I and Econo Red II models allow printers to exact-match a dryer to any requirement with top efficiency.

Flash cure units

For flash curing of printed garments prior to printing a subsequent colour, Vastex offers three different flash cure units, all of which come with an industry-leading 15-year heater warranty and 360° head rotation. The entry level F-Flash unit is equipped with a heater, heat switch and head leveler. Upgrading to a Red Flash unit offers a choice of two heater sizes and three heater wattages, plus an adjustable heat control. The newest Vastex flash cure unit is the Air-Flash model with choice of two heater sizes in three wattages, plus adjustable heat control and forced air.

Model E-1000 Entry Level Tabletop Exposing Unit with 20-watt unfiltered black UV bulbs, holds 53 x 61 cm screen using vacuum hold down. Shown on optional Utility Cart.
Model E-1000 Entry Level Tabletop Exposing Unit with 20-watt unfiltered black UV bulbs, holds 53 x 61 cm screen using vacuum hold down. Shown on optional Utility Cart.

Exposure units start with the smaller E-100 tabletop unit that is expandable into an E-1000 unit with vacuum hold down. Larger, higher-capacity floor-standing units with vacuum hold-downs and high output bulbs include E-2331 and E-4731 models with beds up to an extra-large 1194 x 787 mm (47 x 31 in.).

Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinets range in capacity from 10 to 24 screens, and come equipped with finned heaters and blowers to dry fully loaded cabinets in approximately 40 minutes depending on application.

Vastex Washout Booths complement any large or small shop. Single- and double-screen models are of welded stainless steel and offered with frosted acrylic back panels, squeegee shelves and screen stand-offs.