Screen Printing

Vastex V-1000 screenprinting presses

Vastex V-1000 manual screenprinting presses offer the features that lower-volume shops need for ease of use and precise results at an economical price, plus the structural rigidity and expandability required to add colours, attachments and capacity as business grows.

V-1000 presses are offered in tabletop models with one to two stations and one to six colours, and in floor-standing models with one to four stations and one to six colours. Stations and print heads can be added at any time to boost output or achieve special effects.

All V-1000 presses feature a floating-head design with micro-registration, six-way head-levelling, adjustable lift springs, rubber-coated steel pallets and all-heads-down printing, providing registration accuracy previously limited to machines of significantly higher cost.

Also standard is a new high-strength rotor arm assembly that provides smoother, more positive engagement of the print head, reduced component wear and tighter tolerances, while accommodating large pallets to 508 mm × 610 mm, and heavyweight vacuum pallets used for transfers, signs and flat stock.

Optional are utility carts (tabletop models), a wide range of pallets, a DiGiT™ athletic numbering system and VRS (Vastex Registration System) pin-registration system for registering screens quickly, easily and precisely off press. V-1000 presses are UPS shippable and carry a three-year warranty.