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T-Print reduces Carbon Footprint

One of the UK’s Garment decorators, T-Print, based in the North West, have long considered their impact on the environment. The latest investment that T-Print has made to reduce their Carbon Footprint is a total replacement of all their Conveyor dryers for the latest, most efficient models available from Adelco. 

This represents 4 complete conveyor drying systems, said to be the largest UK dryer investment by a UK printer for over 15 years. T-Print recently undertook a market study to check the availability of dryers from various manufacturers and ascertain the level of improvements available in dryer energy efficiency without compromising on the reliability and curing consistency of their current drying systems. At the end of this research, T-Print found that the latest Jet Force dryers from their existing dryer supplier, Adelco, increased the curing ability and reliability of their existing dryers whilst reducing the energy consumption significantly.

This not only had a huge impact on the Carbon Footprint with which T-Print were concerned but reduced running costs to such an extent that the investment in replacing the dryers would be returned in a matter of a few years.

T-Print had already commissioned a survey by the carbon trust and was offered an interest free loan against the savings provided by the Adelco dryers.

Adelco report that the energy savings apply to both their Gas Fired and Electric Jet Force dryer Models but that the energy efficiency of gas fired models is much greater and can easily enable companies that invest in this technology to obtain an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust.