Screen Printing

The Shirthouse retail chain currently comprises of six shops, all based in the western half of Switzerland. Each Shirthouse outlet is equipped with a Mimaki TPC-1000 sublimation printer/cutting plotter. Both small and large items, ranging from coffee mugs to T-shirts, can be printed without any problem using sublimation transfer print.

Customers bring a USB stick, CD or photograph and select a gift to print. The shop assistant then makes the photograph or image ready for production and prints it onto sublimation transfer paper. Using a heat transfer press, the image is transferred immediately onto the item, which is then ready to take away.

Added value
The Shirthouse retail chain is well aware that the market for personalised gifts is growing steadily and because people can have their personal prints on plain gifts within 15 minutes, Shirthouse is in a position to charge more for its gifts. The success of the Shirthouse concept is, to a large extent, generated by the company’s shop assistants, who create the designs, operate the equipment, produce samples, give advice and ultimately sell the products.