Screen Printing

Odyssey tabletop printers

According to Workhorse Products the Odyssey line of tabletop manual textile printers is a great way to get started doing short-run spot-color jobs and name drops without making a big investment. The most popular model in the line is the Odyssey 4100B, a 4-color, single-station press that allows you to do multicolor at minimal expense.

The 4100B has a compact tabletop design and it can be used on any flat surface. It’s also great to take to fairs or flea markets for onsite printing or name drops. It’s made of the same tubular steel construction as the company’s larger presses and also has most of the same practical features. These include adjustable off contact, adjustable screen angle, quick-change pallets, and microregistration.

You are not limited to printing only shirts. By exchanging the pallets, you also can print on pockets, sleeves, pants legs, caps, and even signs. On average, the press can output about three-dozen shirts per hour. When you’re ready to upgrade, Workhorse Products offers a full line of manual textile printing presses as well as start-up automatics so you can increase your production capabilities as your business grows. The company also offers a wide range of educational workshops, videos, books, and DVD’s to help newcomers learn the process.